Our Work

At Reflect we are active in a variety of programs and events as we move through the year. During the school year we are busy doing Kid’s Bible Club, Breakfast Program, one on one ministry and meeting needs as we become aware of them. During Christmas and spring break we have more time with the kids and will give Christmas gifts, run special events and programs. Summer picks up the pace with VBS and Camp.


This last Christmas we were able to give out over 450 individually wrapped presents to children living in the red light district of Tijuana. There are few times that bring as much hope and joy as Christmas. And to give gifts to hundreds of children who would otherwise have nothing is pure Joy.
We are excited for what God has in store for this Christmas season.


Through VBS we create a venue that is exciting, fun, engaging, and 100% effective in sharing the gospel. Songs, games, crafts, bible lessons, watermelon, verses, hundreds and hundreds of water-balloons…..what else can I tell you, it’s Awesome! Our goal is to run 6-8 VBS programs each summer and to reach 800-1000 kids through them.We are excited for what God has in store for this Christmas season.


Camp is a place of salvation. We have learned that youth camp is a place where decisions are made, youth are challenged and lives are changed.
We have been able to partner with Hume Lake Christian Camps in bringing camp to the youth of Ensenada. We are excited as doors have been opened for us to help bring camp to youth around the world.
We are currently in preparations for camp this summer and hope to have 300 Mexican High School students attend.


This winter we were able to give out over 3,000 blankets to fight the cold. I would love to know that each child we have contact with throughout the year would have a warm blanket when the cold comes. The cold can literally kill. Praise the Lord for thousands of blankets!

School Back Packs

We believe in education. One of the ways we are able to encourage kids in this area is to help them have the supplies they need. Through our VBS we were able to give back packs filled with school supplies.
We would love to see this done every year before school starts for these kids.

Breakfast Program

We give out about 10,000 meals a year through our breakfast program for kids on the streets of Tijuana. This program continues to be uniquely effective in tangibly showing the love of Jesus to the children we serve, it goes way beyond food. The level of self worth and value that is communicated to the children is fantastic. Jesus loves YOU is the clear message that we communicate not just through words, but through our every action.

Active Ministry

As we move forward we will continue to strive to do all we possibly can do.
Through our Food for Families program we take needed essentials and food to families living in extreme poverty.Kid’s Club allows us to share the gospel and help give direction in the lives of youth and children.We have also started a new program where we deliver a package of supplies and essentials for new born babies. This program includes a visit and a how to booklet for new born babies as well as a package of essentials like blankets, ointment, thermometers and much more.