A Gift

June 3, 2016

I remember the look on her face.  Isabel was holding her Christmas present tightly with a big smile, but unlike all the other kids she was not opening it.  It was a few days before Christmas and we were giving gifts to the children of our Kids Club.  The little village we were at is just minutes south of the U.S. border but at the same time it is worlds apart.  Dirt roads and horses seem to define the small community, that and the poverty, endless poverty.  I asked Isabel why she wasn’t opening her present but she was too ashamed to tell me.  I waited until all the children had gone before I asked the local pastor why Isabel wouldn’t open her gift.  “John, that is the only present she is going to have this Christmas and she wants to save it until Christmas morning. That one present is her Christmas”. We are surrounded with children in need.  Some need food some need a little joy, just something to look forward to.

In Jesus there is hope, in Jesus there is joy, in Jesus you find the greatest Christmas Gift of all.